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Insight: Marathon Follow-Up / Dr. Peter Mansoor / Antarctic Bacteria / Me and Him Are Killing English

Published December 3, 2012

Marathon Follow-Up - The 2012 California International Marathon in Sacramento will probably be filed away in most people's memories as one of the wettest and most miserable. But despite the rainy, windy weather during the race, scores of runners and spectators remained undeterred. We'll speak with one of the CIM's organizers about how mother nature altered race-day plans.

Dr. Peter Mansoor - There's no shortage of foreign conflicts for potential US intervention, so how do we choose where to send troops, drones, diplomats, etc? Retired US Army Colonel Peter Mansoor is a Sacramento man and author of two books who later became Executive Officer to General David Petraeus in Iraq. He joins us with some answers to lingering foreign policy questions about global hot spots. Plus, we'll get a little insight into the events surrounding General Petraeus' recent resignation.

Antarctic Bacteria - Researchers from Nevada have made a surprising new discovery about life in one of the world's most uninhabitable places. Deep beneath the ice of one of Antarctica's most isolated lakes lives a viable community of bacteria that have been uncontaminated from the environment for 3,000 years. The research has just been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) and we're speaking with lead author Dr. Alison Murray.

"Me and Him Are Killing English!" - "Me and Him Are Killing English!" isn't a typo--it's the title of Doug Carlson's book. In it, the Sacramento communications professional discusses the erosion of good grammar in society. We'll talk with him live in our studio today, and hear his thoughts about why correct speech habits are important for your business and educational success.


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